Drive Positive Change
The Only Tool You Need

Give your clients the insights they most need, whether that’s across their entire enterprise, a struggling division, or aspects of their culture.

LEADERSCAPE® provides enterprise solutions with people, culture, leadership and ROI in mind.

Use Enterprise, Reset, and Diversity & Inclusion to uncover unknown data and equip your clients’ leadership teams to make more informed decisions.

Maximize client outcomes by delivering fast access to unknown or hidden data to strengthen and support business decisions.
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Address client challenges by validating current state, uncovering what is unknown, and creating a path to the future with a company- or division-wide review.
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Diversity & Inclusion
Iterate, evolve, and sustain your clients' Diversity and Inclusion value systems using the first platform-based D&I assessment.
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  • Open the door for quality, internal conversations supported by data.
  • Encourage client teams to prioritize their actions based on data rather than personal opinion.
  • Ensure all parties agree on the most constructive next steps to drive towards successful outcomes.
Do Better Business
  • Deepen the understanding of your clients’ organizations.
  • Increase opportunities for engagement with the challenges that matter most.
  • Strengthen customer loyalty thanks to quality results.
LEADERSCAPE® Benefits for Consultants
A Biz Dev Platform For Consultants
  • Client-specific Hidden Assets and Liabilities database
  • Catalog of next action steps
  • Fast, accurate front-end diagnostics
  • Integrally-based consulting process
  • Increased opportunities for engagement
  • Training and Help Desk resources throughout
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LEADERSCAPE® Benefits for Your Clients
A Biz Optimization Tool for Your Clients
  • Reveals what drives financial statements
  • Offers a “full enterprise MRI”
  • Provides a road map for business optimization
  • Leads to lasting change and sustainable growth
  • Generates an inside-out look at the company
  • Presents a concise snapshot of what drives Value and Risk
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