Five key drivers of sustainable change

The LEADERSCAPE® software application goes beyond creating and maintaining a Diversity & Inclusion initiative. The data generated by LEADERSCAPE® will inform the development of and sustain an integrated, holistic D&I value system.

Enterprise norms, values, and behaviors, established by founders, and reinforced by tradition and leadership.
Creator / trustee of culture, and the “glue” connecting all stakeholders with the purpose and mission of the enterprise to achieve financial results.
Various stakeholder groups of the enterprise network, making up the enterprise’s human system.
Connectivity of an organization ­– written, verbal, electronic, behavioral, both explicit and implicit
Framework for actions to accomplish goals aligned with the vision and purpose of the enterprise.

LEADERSCAPE® produces new insights

40 to 50% of the data derived from LEADERSCAPE® assessments is unknown to leadership. This new information produces new insights, improves decision making and expands the play book for more focused and effective actions.


Map overall enterprise culture and departmental sub-cultures
Pinpoint D&I blockage and high-probability-of-success opportunities
Reveal significant difference between Traditional and Performance cultures or subcultures
Bring to light major stakeholder agenda differences and biases and the resulting alignment gaps
Reveal specific points of financial value creation and risk
Generate preliminary action road maps for successfully implementing or upgrading the D&I value system
Acceptance or Rejection

Diversity and Inclusion pivots on love or hate. Hate is learned and can be unlearned. Put in business terms, Diversity and Inclusion pivots on acceptance or rejection by all stakeholder groups.

Leadership is a must
Create a sustainable D&I Enterprise value system

Leaders can create a sustainable D&I Enterprise value system when they:

  • Understand that an enterprise is a living organism and a network of relationship between all stakeholders
  • Include D&I as an imperative in both their vision and strategy
  • Hire and recruit based on diversity in thinking and skills to grow and innovate
  • Realize that non-white and female purchasing power is increasing rapidly and substantially across the world
  • Recognize the diversity of global customers
  • Transition the company culture from traditional to performance
  • Train and retrain middle managers and first line supervisors in D&I
  • Implement changes based on a holistic view of the organization
  • Commit to withstanding the discomfort of truth and growth and
  • and Lead by example