Don't be blindsided or surprised by unidentified risks and overlooked opportunities.
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Maximize enterprise outcomes by accessing root cause solutions for your most urgent organizational challenges.
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Address company challenges by validating current state and creating a path to the future with a company- or division-wide review.
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A Reality Check

Traditional information gathering is piecemeal and does not track the human and cultural dimensions that drive and differentiate your results. This overlooked information reveals new opportunities for innovation and efficiency.

Stop expecting improved long-term results by treating symptoms or partially defined problems.

Drive positive organizational change and improvement by identifying the root causes of your challenges.


The New Way To Manage Business
Organizational Intelligence

LEADERSCAPE® uses Organizational Intelligence (OI) to equip leaders with a set of solutions that address their specific challenges. LEADERSCAPE® benefits include:

  • Better understanding and navigating organizational volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity
  • An unfiltered view of the landscape of your organization
  • Deeper engagement and productivity within and across your teams 
  • Guidance in strategic decision making
  • Uncovering opportunities for innovation and growth

By looking at Culture, Communication, People, Strategy and Leadership data, LEADERSCAPE® finds the root causes of problems so you don’t waste time and money treating the symptoms. 

Stop Treating Symptoms
A New Enterprise View

Traditional organizations address challenges from the outside circle with lagging indicators.

LEADERSCAPE® provides an inside out view which are leading indicators.

LEADERSCAPE® connects the inner and outer circles for a holistic view of what drives value and risk for your organization.

Understanding the dynamics of the inner circle is the expressway to diagnosing root causes of organizational challenges.

Stop Treating Symptoms

Get to the
Root Cause

Flexible Platform
With LEADERSCAPE®, gain access to a tool that is customizable and enterprise-specific for your needs.
Relationship Builder
Create stronger relationships by understanding the impact Leadership, Communication, Culture and People have on your enterprise.
Iterative Process
Company change is a constant, easily and quickly reevaluate to see progress and success in your organization.
Scalable Outcomes
Increase enterprise ROI overtime by improving alignment of internal and external stakeholders and uncovering the root cause of your business challenges.

See the Results for Yourself