Get the Insights you need
LEADERSCAPE® reveals unknown value and risk.

45% of LEADERSCAPE® data is typically unknown to the leadership team. This new information produces new insights, improves decision making, problem solving, and expands the play book for more focused and effective actions.

Managing Change as a Constant
Current Change Management practices won't work.

Prevailing change management processes are inadequate to deal with the current global economic earthquake and associated aftershocks. This crisis is multi layered, impacting the physical, mental, economic health and behavior of leaders, employees, suppliers and customers. As a result, social and cultural norms may be permanently altered. Estimates on a return to “Business Normal” range from 2 years to never.

Enterprise norms, values, and behaviors, established by founders, and reinforced by tradition and leadership.
Creator / trustee of culture, and the “glue” connecting all stakeholders with the purpose and mission of the enterprise to achieve financial results.
Various stakeholder groups of the enterprise network, making up the enterprise’s human system.
Connectivity of an organization ­– written, verbal, electronic, behavioral, both explicit and implicit
Framework for actions to accomplish goals aligned with the vision and purpose of the enterprise.

Are your clients ready to chart a course into the unknown?
Expedite and invigorate recovery and growth.

LEADERSCAPE® delivers critical data that supports enterprise leaders to develop a RESET Action Roadmap including:
· developing agile strategies
· updating/reconstructing the business model
· improving process efficiency
· creating new ways to go to market
· improving stakeholder alignment and connectivity
Get your clients back on the road to sustainable growth and profitability.