LEADERSCAPE® is akin to a Full Body MRI
New information = fresh insights and new options.

A typical LEADERSCAPE® assessment tells the story of the entire enterprise and its stakeholder network, culminating in an enterprise database. This is “sliced and diced” into a dozen reports, including one on Hidden Assets and Liabilities. The resulting new insights and perspectives provide leadership with both enhanced problem-solving capabilities and substantial new opportunities for growth.

Five key predictors of a client’s future landscape

Enterprise norms, values, and behaviors, established by founders, and reinforced by tradition and leadership.
Creator / trustee of culture, and the “glue” connecting all stakeholders with the purpose and mission of the enterprise to achieve financial results.
Various stakeholder groups of the enterprise network, making up the enterprise’s human system.
Connectivity of an organization ­– written, verbal, electronic, behavioral, both explicit and implicit
Framework for actions to accomplish goals aligned with the vision and purpose of the enterprise.

The past cannot predict the future.
Help your clients look ahead.

LEADERSCAPE® delivers critical data that supports enterprise leaders to expand their strategic planning and more importantly, to expand their thinking to:
· Make Innovation a priority
· Accept change as a constant
· Develop agile strategies
· Recognize and utilize employees’ skills and experience
· Listen to and communicate with the entire stakeholder network
· Improve stakeholder alignment and connectivity
· Improve process efficiency
· Drive sustainable growth

LEADERSCAPE® will support your clients to zero in on business optimization in a constantly changing world.