Value Risk Map

LEADERSCAPE® expands your client’s understanding of their company by uncovering data that drives their P & L. Typically, 45% of this information is unknown to the client, which expands your opportunities to drive earnings through new consulting initiatives.


Culture Map

Depict the overarching culture and sub-cultures within your clients’ organizations. Improve performance by deciphering cultural differences, raising awareness, and working to transform behavior.

Gap Analysis

Support and confirm findings from your client’s entire stakeholder network to get a complete picture of the current state of alignment or misalignment.



Customer Priorities

Understand customer perspectives and priorities concerning your client’s products and services with a 360º view of what drives value and risk.


Customize Reports

LEADERSCAPE®‘s drill down capabilities make it possible to slice-and-dice the data in any way necessary to fully understand your clients’ problems and opportunities.