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Are your clients ready to chart a course into the UNKNOWN?

Case for Action

As we individually and collectively move through the greatest global health crisis of the last 100 years, we are facing a heightened level of disruption, uncertainty and vulnerability for an undefined period of time. The duration and aftermath of the crisis are UNKNOWN.

The ripple effect of the crisis

This crisis is multi layered, impacting physical health, mental health, economy, company health, consumer behavior, social and cultural change, just to name a few. Will there be multiple waves of Covid-19 rolling around the globe before a solution is created? Will there be spin-offs of the virus? Are there as-yet-unidentified consequences of the virus for those who recover? Will there be latent effects for younger people? What is the right health – economy balance?


Most companies have a BIG and OBVIOUS PROBLEM - An Economic Earthquake. Larger companies have more STAYING POWER and MORE RESOURCES, thus more time and flexibility to adjust and adapt. Mid – Small size companies are more AT RISK, with fewer resources and thus less time to ADJUST and ADAPT.

A window of opportunity is open

As company leaders navigate the current crisis and prepare for how to move forward, consulting firms have an obligation and an opportunity – to guide and support their clients to ADJUST and ADAPT to their future state and then ACCELERATE.

RESET - the new business normal

Do your clients have agile strategy playbooks – Plans B, C and maybe even D – to operate in the evolving UNKNOWN?

As we “reopen for business”, cost cutting, reorganization, head count reduction and other stop-gap, piecemeal efforts will not be fail-safe prescriptions for future success. Many companies will be required to do a holistic overhaul of their company. And many more should RETHINK, RE-EVALUATE, REVIEW, and RESET their business strategies, plans, models, processes and operating structures to operate effectively and efficiently in the new business normal­­­­­­­.

New tools are needed

Consultants need new tools to expedite and invigorate their clients’ recovery. LEADERSCAPE® delivers a baseline of unvarnished information on which to make decisions. It is fast, effective and virtual – 100 % remote and online.

Akin to a full body MRI which looks at organs and structures inside the body, it produces a highly correlated, holistic view of what drives value and risk for the business and generates a Hidden Assets/Liabilities Data Base that informs difficult decisions and contingency plans. LEADERSCAPE® is iterative and will track your clients’ RESET as company leaders follow their course through the unknown.

The time to act is now

LEADERSCAPE® generates opportunities for consultants and their clients to:

  • develop more agile strategies
  • update their business models
  • improve the efficiency of their processes
  • create new ways to go to market
  • and improve stakeholder alignment and connectivity.

LEADERSCAPE® is a powerful tool for consultants to guide a company RESET for their clients as they chart a course into the UNKNOWN.

To learn more or to schedule a demo: gunnar.nillson@leaderscapecorp.com