LEADERSCAPE® is Organizational Intelligence in action.

People, Leadership, Communication and Culture generate an enterprise’s outcomes. LEADERSCAPE® gives the leadership team a window into what really drives results through:

Data Collection
Custom, online assessment, focused on specific initiatives, divisions, or enterprise-wide as determined by the client, is sent to a cross-section of stakeholders.
Assessment responses are aggregated in the LEADERSCAPE® database, and then “sliced and diced” into 10+ reports, offering in-depth analysis opportunities.
Reality Check
LEADERSCAPE® results are shared with the leadership team – typically, 45% of data is unknown.
Actionable insights
All insights are recorded in the Action Registry™, and then prioritized into next action steps in the Action Roadmap™.

What You Get
Organizational Intelligence

Organizational Intelligence (OI) is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information intended to help leaders:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Allocate resources
  • Implement action plans

It is an expansion of Business Intelligence (BI) to include Culture, Communication, People, Strategy and Leadership data.

Get The Story Behind the Numbers
A Reality Check

The typical LEADERSCAPE® assessment:

  • Tells the story of the entire enterprise or of a specific area of focus, as determined by the context of the problem or opportunity defined during Set-Up
  • Builds a database of Hidden Assets and Liabilities using 6,000 – 15,000 data points
  • Equips leadership with new insights and information
  • Expedites action planning and prioritization of opportunities
  • Accelerates improved performance and enterprise value
A Flexible Platform
Kick-Off Engagements Faster

With LEADERSCAPE®, you gain access to a solution that is customizable for your client’s stakeholders. Built to be industry neutral, you can implement the front-end engagement process with any company without delay.

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A Relationship Builder
Amplify Your Value with Value

No redundancy here. The more deep-seeded value you provide for your clients, the more valuable you become. Create stronger client relationships by understanding the impact Leadership, Communication, Culture and People have on an enterprise with the LEADERSCAPE® Enterprise View.

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A Continuous Process
Take a Long-term Perspective

Company change is a constant, ever evolving process. Become a consistent guide rather than a one-hit wonder in your engagements. LEADERSCAPE® provides the ability to easily and quickly reevaluate a company to see progress and success while also highlighting new opportunities that emerge.

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A Scalable Solution
Accelerate Business & Digital Transformation

The LEADERSCAPE® predictive assessment helps you increase the ROI of your consulting engagements without adding headcount. All while providing a seamless experience for your clients. Now that’s a win-win for everyone.

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LEADERSCAPE® Benefits for Consultants
A Biz Dev Platform For Consultants
  • Client-specific Hidden Assets and Liabilities database
  • Catalog of next action steps
  • Fast, accurate front-end diagnostics
  • Integrally-based consulting process
  • Increased opportunities for engagement
  • Training and Help Desk resources throughout
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LEADERSCAPE® Benefits for Your Clients
A Biz Optimization Tool for Your Clients
  • Reveals what drives financial statements
  • Offers a “full enterprise MRI”
  • Provides a road map for business optimization
  • Leads to lasting change and sustainable growth
  • Generates an inside-out look at the company
  • Presents a concise snapshot of what drives Value and Risk
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