Prioritize Clinical & Operational Efficiencies
Improve care by identifying solutions that increase patient flow, the accuracy of diagnostics, and the accuracy of test results.
Improve Financial Performance
Delivering adequate levels of care while maintaining a strong focus on cost efficiencies reduces the burden on your system by reducing readmissions, increasing patient flow, and reducing medical errors.
Strengthen Recruitment and Retention
Identify areas in your organization impacting recruitment and retention efforts in an unfavorable way. Discover opportunities to positively impact those efforts.
Complex Problems Simplified
Address Complex Problems

LEADERSCAPE® equips hospital leaders with the insights and tools to make bold, actionable decisions around their most complex problems resulting in reduced costs, optimized revenue, and improved clinical process and operational efficiency.

A Full Body MRI for your Organization
Fresh Insights for New Solutions

The LEADERSCAPE® assessment helps teams make permanent decisions off of data instead of temporary emotions.

A typical assessment tells the story of the entire team and produces a prioritized, actionable list of items you can execute on to support your teams most important needs.  The resulting new insights and perspectives provide leadership with both enhanced problem-solving capabilities and new opportunities for growth.

Outcomes You Can Expect
  • Identify obstacles to retaining caregivers

  • Pinpoint what is negatively impacting patient satisfaction

  • Understand where to better allocate resources

  • Discover where to align efforts for greater cost-efficiency

  • Recognize barriers to unfiltered information sharing among and across teams

  • Guidance in strategic decision making

  • Improved employee emotional health as a basic value of your organization

Gather, diagnose, analyze and solve

LEADERSCAPE® evaluates 10 different dimensions of hospital operations to give a complete picture of the hospital’s current state.

This method helps organizations prioritize the necessary actions to solve their most complex problems by understanding the root cause of the challenges.

Why choose LEADERSCAPE®?

A complete assessment of your organization gives leaders confidence in decisions being made with expanded and verified information. LEADERSCAPE®’s multiple-perspectives output provides leadership with both enhanced problem-solving capabilities and new opportunities for growth.

The Benefits for You and Your Team

Better Clarity
Better understand and navigate organizational volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.
Unbiased Feedback
An unfiltered view of the landscape of your organization.
Team Unity
Bridging cultural divides.
Team Support
Deeper engagement and productivity within and across your teams.
Strategic Insight
Uncover opportunities for innovation and growth.